piątek, 21 października 2011

Vol: 10

Hello everyone !

I'm sorry that I wasn't here for such a long
time - a lot of problems with internet.
I hope that someone comes here from time to time.

In my absence here some things happened.
At this moment I moved 4 times and 5th one is coming.
At least I'm living with hi-chan and we have 8 wonderful cats.

Finally Miyavi came to Poland.
As always I had great time.
Amazing moment was a minute of silence
fans for Japan.

To see Gackt live was the best thing
ever - it was like see god himself.

8 days ago Versailles came to Poland ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
It was really great live,
I was so happy seeing Teru and his beautiful smile.
At the end of the concert the band came to greet us
and we can hug them and say thanks for everything.
It was really amazing to hear from Teru and Yuki that I have cool tattoo.

Wanko came to Poland.
Me, hi-chan and Hitomi had a great time with him.
It was really funny xD
I hope that he'll be back soon.

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